Gaps Teeth

Although we all dream about having beautiful teeth with no imperfections, not many of us are lucky enough to actually have that flawless Hollywood smile. One very common dental problem many of us face is having gaps between our teeth, referred to as “diastemas” in the dental field. Unfortunately, those gaps are usually between our front teeth and not so easy to hide. But thanks to the specialized training of cosmetic dentists, there is no reason for you to suffer with the embarrassing dental problem of gaps between your teeth.

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The first step in treating your gap is a thorough evaluation by Our Doctors. If you are ready for teeth gap treatment , they will take impressions of your teeth to make “casts,” do a detailed clinical exam, take a series of dental and facial pictures, and take a full series of x-rays, including side head and panoramic views.

If your gap is the only orthodontic problem you have, the options below may be best for you:

  • Full upper and lower braces
  • Full upper only braces
  • Partial braces on some of the upper teeth
  • A removable appliance similar to a retainer

The teeth gap treatment that is best for you depends on several factors including your age and dental development. Our Doctors will explain all of this to you during your consultation.